No Hidden Fees

Sagamore Gas & Appliances Inc does not charge any hidden fees from our propane delivery customers; but we do charge sales tax.

Charges for line items like fuel recovery and governmental compliance, or miscellaneous is not charged at Sagamore Gas & Appliances Inc. Most of the companies in this sector have implemented these line item fees over the last several years.

When you dig deep into the calculations, you'll notice that it will add up to 10% of the original cost if we charge 10 cents/gallon.

Beware of the Hidden Charges

If we go by the general trend of 'Hidden Charges', we would make money on 'governmental compliance', and make a lot on 'miscellaneous special' charges (not sure what special expenses we would charge against that).

Check your bills from your current supplier (it might make for interesting reading and about 20 cents/gallon in HIDDEN FEES).

Then figure how much you could save if Sagamore Gas & Appliances Inc was your new supplier. Call today. Start saving on propane, and quit paying HIDDEN FEES.
Call us at 1-888-463-5889 to learn more about how you can save on your gas expenses.
We offer transparent services. You can always call us if you don't understand the billing.
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