G.A.S. Check Services

For any new installation, or any interruption in service, we will perform a G.A.S. Check. This program is a safety check that follows guidelines designed for your residential gas system needs.

While performing this service, our experts at Sagamore Gas & Appliances Inc will inspect all of your propane container(s), the regulator(s), appurtenances, gas supply lines, and any other propane equipment that is visible and accessible to our team.

After the inspection is complete, and your safety ensured, we will document the date of the inspection and discuss our findings with you.

Our G.A.S. Check Services

  • Container inspection
  • System leak checking
  • Regulator performance testing
  • Customer awareness information
  • Safety brochure
  • Odorant testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Appliance venting inspection
  • Inventory of gas system components
  • Inventory of gas burning appliances
We do not charge any hidden fees.
Call us at
1-888-463-5889 for our G.A.S check services.
We offer a 2-day turnaround guarantee and same day or next day turnaround for homeowners.
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